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We’re almost almost done beta testing Bony to Bombshell. We’re just tweaking a few final things. I just want to say – thank you guys so so much! I had no idea you guys would be able to kick (and build) this much ass. I’m floored.

I need to go back and double-check which progress shots / videos are cool to show off, but these transformations-in-progress we’ve definitely got permission to share. Here are some women doing an absolutely jaw-dropping job of building muscle, gaining weight, hauling huge weights and being an absolute pleasure to work with 🙂

Check it out:

Here’s 100 pound Sara doing reps with 225 pounds in Wisconsin (photo above):

“Current weight 107.0lbs!!! I did a BodPod this week and I am extremely pleased with my results. Last summer before I found B2B and started with the program by bodyfat percent was 28%. This week it was at 22% with an 8lb weight gain!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with that kind of progress. I am also getting better with the chin-ups. It is still a challenge for me and I am shaky the whole time but I am now pulling 3 at time.” –Sara


Reetta over in Finland making full range of motion chin-ups look like a breeze:



Randi doing some body recomp in Chicago:

Female muscle-building transformation / weight gain transformation / Bony to Bombshell


Cheyney presumably cheating somehow, because 295 pounds shouldn’t look this easy:


Julia, from here in Toronto (Canada), using a skinny gal muscle-building program for fat loss:

Female muscle-building transformation / weight gain transformation / Bony to Bombshell


Erica in Northern California lifting like a total badass:


Cindy in Southern California doing some front squats:

“I think I want to make more gains now. I got some comments from friends like “hey where did that booty come from?” so I think I want to keep making some more gains 😀 :D lol I love how this program is not building us to have box like physiques and we’re really getting more of those sweet coke bottle curves.” – Cindy

More to come!

Finally! A muscle-building & weight gain program for naturally slender gals

Bony to Bombshell Full Workout Fitness Program Download

Bony to Bombshell is a weight gain fitness program for thin women who want to be visibly (aka jaw-droppingly) healthy and strong. The program includes everything you need to become bootyful – a training program, a nutritional guide, exercise videos, the kindest community around and individualized coaching from us.

So, what'd you think? 24 responses below.


This is what I have been waiting for my whole life… this is perfect, THANK YOU! Can’t wait til this site is up and running! 😀

Shane Duquette

Ah that’s great Manvit. And it will be ready soon! We’re just adding in a bonus chapter and doing some formatting. We’re nearly ready to roll! 🙂

Looking forward to working with you!


This looks so amazing! I can barely wait for full progress overviews and of course for the start of the program!

Shane Duquette

If you’re signed up for the newsletter, check your email later today! We’re finally ready 🙂


I was a beta tester for the Bony to Bombshell program and I can’t say enough great things about both the program and the great group of people you get to learn from. This program has changed my body image, the way I feel about working out and really boosted my confidence in all aspects of my life. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make positive strides in their health, bony or not!


I’m overjoyed with the fact that you guys started this! I was going to do bony to beastly but this is way better. 🙂

Shane Duquette

Ahahah perfect! Bony to Beastly is well ‘n all, but it’s really more of a man’s program. (Especially given all the guys posting before photos in their underwear!)

I think you’re really going to like Bony to Bombshell 🙂

Sarah frandsen

Omg I cant wait for this. I’ve been searching for ways for me to get thoses curves I always wanted. I’ve signed up, do you half to pay or does the website tell you for free?

Shane Duquette

Hey Sarah,

Really glad to hear you’re digging the sounds of the program 🙂

This side of the website—the blog/articles part—is free, and we’re going to be working hard to get more and more free content up as time goes by. We also have an actual full program, which is what these women were following. That includes all the nutrition / lifting instructions, videos, the community, coaching from us. That isn’t free. You can check it out here: http://bonytobombshell.com/weight-gain-program-for-women/

We’d love to have ya!


Hi 🙂

How is called the middle section, padding, that Sara and Cheyney use in their gym ? They do not have anything like this in any gym in our town and I visited them all during last month. I have no idea how to google it.

Caroline DeLuca

Your program looks incredible and I have been searching for something to help me gain weight and tone. I was a competitive swimmer for years and a long distance runner throughout college but I still do not know my way through a weight room or what types of exercises you should group together.

Does your program breakdown into specific daily workouts such as x number of reps of this movement ect or does it just inform you on the types of exercise that is important to do to gain weight.

Either way I am in desperate need of adding some series weight, tone and definition to my body.

Shane Duquette

Thanks for the kind words, Caroline. Really glad you’ve been liking the site 🙂

Yes. We recommend training three times per week and we have a detailed workout for each of those three days. As you progress through the program the workouts progress, making sure that you don’t hit a plateau, and also teaching you more advanced lifts. (We have videos teaching the lifts as well.)

We can also help you customize and alter the program to fit your schedule, goals, and how you’re responding to it.

No guesswork involved 🙂

I hope you decide to join us!


Hi, so I was just wondering…what type of equipment must be purchased in order to do this program? Also, I have a very week body, I struggle to lift any weight at all…How will a skinny and week girl like me be able to lift heavy weights?

Shane Duquette

Hey Sabrina,

To do the program all you need is a pair of heavy adjustable dumbbells (maybe 80–100 pounds each). Ideally you’d get some sort of adjustable workout bench as well. Down the road, as the years go by, maybe you get some fancier stuff. For now though, just the bare basics will work wonders on your physique.

Your strength will sneak up on you. In your first week of the program maybe you’re awkwardly doing goblet squats with a 15 pound dumbbell. (That wouldn’t be heavy for everyone, but for you it may be heavy.) Then maybe the next week squatting feels a little bit less awkward and you’re holding 20 pounds. Not a remarkable difference, but progress. After a year I wouldn’t be surprised if you were casually busting out perfect form 150 pound barbell back squats. That’s what progress in the gym looks like—steady, predictable progress adding up into something unbelievable 🙂


Hi I have several concerns:

1. First question is: Will you consider offering lifetime membership? Cause I’ll try to save up for it. And I’m already believing in this programme and heck, it’s the kind of programme I wanna give my 120% into and I would be very happy to be part of this community for long term if and when I decide to join because I believe our body & health etc is an ongoing process. No workout, no proper training & diet, all initial effort will just fade eventually. I wanna gain & I wanna also maintain.

2. Second question is regarding nutrition & diet. I’m breastfeeding my 5.5 month old son, I lack sleep most of the time & what I eat seems to become less and less sufficient for my son’s growing appetite. So never mind my own self. Any solution for my scenario? What if I get pregnant again, will I still be able to follow the programme?

3. Third concern I have is financial. Where I come from (Malaysia) exchange rate from USD to my currency is more than 4 times. On top of not being able to afford to pay for the programme right away right now, my family also has a tight budget when comes to food. Is it gonna hinder my progress? Plus I don’t have a gym membership. Is there anything as an alternative to that which could be less bells and whistles? I’m thinking more Rocky Balboa style?

4. Is this programme gonna help me enlarge & firm up my breasts too? Cause when my son leaves behind saggy small sacks when he’s done feeding. I want big firm upper assets as much as I want a badankadonk rear view. And you get me, you really do. An hourglass shape is what I’m after, one that will put Kim Kardashian out of the PAPER . Lol kidding. But you get my drift.

5. My final concern is…Will I be dealing with ladies only throughout the coaching or will there be guys sneaking up on photos of progress / workout videos for correcting my workout form that I share? My concern is privacy here.

Aside from all these concerns, I’m willing to put in 120% and even contribute to this programme and the community in ways I am able to. Just need these concerns address and would love to hear what the answers are to these concerns I have.

Warm regards and happy bombshell-ing!


Shane Duquette

Hey GC, glad to hear you’re interested in the program!

1. We don’t offer a lifetime membership, but the program includes a yearlong membership and when that’s up you can renew for $9/month to stay part of the community and continue getting coaching. Some members have been with us for years now 🙂

2. In order to build muscle you’ll need to eat a big hearty diet. This should also be great for breastfeeding your son. You can build muscle and lead an active, healthy lifestyle while pregnant. Jared’s wife, Michelle, has came to the gym with us throughout her entire pregnancy, although the type/intensity of exercise changed as the pregnancy progressed. However I also want to point out that we aren’t medical professionals—you’ll want to do all of this with the approval of your doctor!

3. You don’t need a gym membership, but you do need heavy things to lift. If you want a free program to get started with, check this post out here 🙂

4. Building up your pectoral muscles will help raise and firm up your bust, yes!

5. This is the sister program of Bony to Beastly. While the creators of the program are male, all the members are women. We also have a female coach on staff—Reetta. If the three of us seeing your progress photos is a privacy issue you can do your progress updates in private with her 🙂

Does that answer all of your questions? I hope you decide to join us!


If only 3% of the population is “underweight”, most of them men, no wonder there is not enough reliable information about how to gain weight for men or women ! There’s simply not enough of us for anyone to really care about us skinny Minnie’s ! It’s like we are complaining about something mostly irrelevant to the rest of the world, they have “BIGGER” issues to contend with…like loosing weight. I still don’t really have enough information from just one source yet to really identify the problem and solve it. Yes, I am thin, yes, I am loosing muscles, yes, I am tired, have trouble concentrating…and eat like a piggy…I have no problem eating huge amounts of food….but, next morning I wake up and nothing…no weight gain. I have always been thin…but, there was a point in my life where I didn’t need to complain about it, as I looked good…toned ..fit…never exercised either…this started about 3 years ago, now I am unfit, boney and look anorexic (well not quite that bad) but, I can’t find the help I need to gain weight, put muscle on without loosing the weight….and feel satisfied that I am gaining and keeping it on ???

Shane Duquette

“Bigger” issues to contend with ahahahaha—amazing!

I’d recommend checking out our articles that cover the basic of muscle-building nutrition and training. I think that will help you get rid of those question mark triplets 🙂

Ryana Olivarez

Wow, I’m so happy I found this website! I mean I’m that one girl that eats a TON and never gains any weight, I’ve been so self conscious of myself because everyone tells me I’m skinny and it gets annoying after a while. I’ve hit the gym and tried to make it a routine to go to “bulk” up but I haven’t been getting the results I really want. I’m a promoter, and if you are still looking for women to try this program and review it count me in! I’m very dedicated to what I do and I would be more than happy to do so!!

Shane Duquette

Yeah, being told you’re skinny can definitely, definitely get annoying. I feel you there for sure, and I really hope that it stops happening to you!

We aren’t still looking for beta testers, as we test new stuff on our members now, but if you’d like to sign up, we’d really love to have you! You can sign up at any time here 🙂


Lucky Vashisht

I have been trying to gain weight for a long time. I would love to try this program out and review it.

Shane Duquette

Hey Lucky,

We aren’t beta testing the program anymore. With new stuff that we’re developing we test it on our members now. You can sign up at any time here though, and we’d really love to have you 🙂



I have been wondering if a person who is not skinny can follow it? I am 5’2 and weight 165. I want to lose weight but don’t want to lose my hips in fact I want to lose weight in certain areas hut not others. Is it possible with this plan???

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