Musclenog—The All-Natural Weight-Gainer Recipe

By Shane Duquette / Dec 15, 2017 / 3

A few weeks from now, as you warm yourself by the hearth, you notice something growing tighter, firmer, bigger. Your living room is already packed full of merriment and there’s no room for anything more, least of all your growing stomach. But it is the holiday season—a time for feasting and family—and these…

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Warm Up With Purpose

By Marco Walker-Ng / May 1, 2017 / 2

Building muscle requires spending quite a bit of time under heavy weights. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, hip thrusts, rows and chin ups all allow you to lift quite heavy, and they all work quite a lot of muscles at once, making them good foundational exercises in a good…

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The Best Muscle-Building Supplements for Women Who Want to Gain Weight

By Shane Duquette / Apr 1, 2017 / 47

(Updated October 2017) There are a few great muscle-building supplements out there. They’re affordable, healthy, safe and very effective. But good luck finding them amongst the thousands of supplements lining the shelves. The even bigger problem is that you want to gain weight. “Are you crazy!?” Sob. No. We aren’t crazy,…

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Get A Leg Up On Your Push-Up (With Video Tutorial)

By Marco Walker-Ng / Mar 1, 2017 / 2

In this push-up guide, I hope to outline a few reasons why push-ups are so hard, how to start doing push-ups as a beginner, how to correct any mistakes you might be making, and how to progress to more difficult variations. The idea for this article came up one day when I was…

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The Best Muscle-Building Exercises For Women

By Jared Polowick / Feb 1, 2017 / 9

One of the most common questions we get asked by women is something like, “What’s the best exercise to grow my small butt, hips, calves, thighs, arms, etc.?” While there are tons of studies looking into what exercises activate the muscles the most, that’s just one factor that goes into…

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What are the best vegetarian and vegan foods for protein?

By Jared Polowick / Jan 1, 2017 / 10

There’s a lot of confusing information out there about vegetarian and vegan diets. It becomes especially confusing if you’re not just looking to be healthy, but also to build muscle. The moral arguments for eating a vegan diet often bias the health arguments. By the time you get to the muscle-building arguments, the information is usually…

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Should Women Lift Weights?

By Jared Polowick / Dec 1, 2016 / 12

Yes. You were designed to lift. So if you’ve been wondering if women—especially naturally thin women—should be lifting weights, then the answer is an emphatic yes. There are exceptions, of course. Pregnant women need to take special precautions, for example. Always to talk to your doctor first before beginning any workout…

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There's Nothing Wrong With Being Thin, So Stop Editing Us

By Shane Duquette / Jul 1, 2016 / 45

There’s this movement going on where people are trying to make it more socially acceptable to have a higher body fat percentage, proportionally thicker bones, shorter limbs and a larger waist. The photo above is a good example, where has taken 10 female video-game characters and transformed their physiques into what…

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Beginner's Nutrition Guide For Women Looking to Build Muscle & Gain Weight

By Shane Duquette / Mar 24, 2016 / 51

Muscle-building nutrition can be overwhelming at first. How much should you eat? What foods are considered “clean”? Why are paleo and vegetarian women both healthier than average despite having seemingly contradictory dietary restrictions? What supplements should you be taking? When should you be taking them? Do you even need supplements…

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Beginner's Workout Guide for Women Looking to Build Muscle & Gain Weight

By Shane Duquette / Feb 12, 2016 / 91

We’ve given you a fair bit of information about why building muscle is so great, and also about why it can be so hard for naturally skinny women. At this point you might be thinking, okay, yeah, this sounds great—I want more curves, more muscle, and more strength—but how do…

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What Every Naturally Thin Woman Needs to Know About Exercise

By Shane Duquette / Nov 25, 2015 / 67

If you’re naturally thin, keep in mind you’re immediately at odds with the mainstream. Only 3% of people are trying to gain weight, and the majority of that 3% are probably men. You’re such a minority that basically everything you read about fitness will be wrong. Not necessarily wrong for your…

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Tired? The Bombshell Guide to Feeling Energized

By Jared Polowick / May 25, 2015 / 4

You’ve got some serious goals. Some are fitness related, some aren’t. You know what you want to do, and you might even know how to do it… but you don’t quite feel like tackling it right now. Carpe Diem Cras—seize the day tomorrow. That’s what they say, right? It’s not…

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The Skinny on Why You’re Skinny

By Shane Duquette / Sep 4, 2014 / 155

(Updated January 2018) In an era obsessed with getting smaller, we skinny folk, hardgainers, ectomorphs, string beans, babeshows, or whatever you want to call us naturally thin people—we’re outliers. When it comes to fitness, at best we’ll find ourselves slotted into a footnote: “Oh yeah, and if you’re naturally skinny—must…

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Bombshell Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Female Body (Full Article)

By Shane Duquette / Apr 24, 2014 / 162

(Updated March, 2015) I figure there’s no sense denying that when it comes to dating, love and relationships, well, physical attractiveness matters. We’re very visually perceptive and we infer a lot from how people look. Whether that’s right or wrong, that’s just how us humans work. The research clearly shows…

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