The Bony to Bombshell Atomic Supplement Guide For Skinny Women

Atomic Supplement Guide For Skinny Women

Are you a skinny, skinny-fat, ectomorphic woman trying to improve your body by building muscle? Learn how supplements could help you to:

Gain Weight Predictably to Look More Attractive

Improve Your Short & Long-Term Health

Help You Get Your BMI Up Faster

Help You Get More Toned (If Needed)

And Rapidly Improve Your Strength By Almost 50%

The first time Shane walked into a supplement store,

he knew exactly what he needed. He had done days of research at home evaluating what was safe and what would help him as a skinny person to get bigger and stronger.

However, he was skinny. The salesman was large and intimidating and insisted instead on a much more expensive supplement.

Somehow or another Shane left the store without the proven supplement he wanted, and with something else instead that was "new and exciting."

Shane went to the gym with his fancy, new supplement with proprietary ingredients.

But after a while, still not getting any results, the experience killed his motivation to change, and he stopped going to the gym.

He didn't work out again for two years. What happened?

In hindsight, this supplement was pretty lousy. It had great marketing, and everyone was talking about it. But the only real effect this supplement had was making Shane's hard-earned cash disappear into thin air.

Luckily, he found out later that the supplement didn't come with any dangerous health risks.

But it did come with some significant downsides. He wasted hundreds of dollars (he went back and re-bought it a few times), and the lack of results killed his motivation to work out.

The harsh truth: none of the "magic" supplements in this guide will do anything if you aren't lifting, eating, and sleeping right.

Mastering those 3 simple principles will allow you to gain 10 pounds of muscle within 3 months. (That's what we cover in The Bony to Bombshell Program.)

You don't need any supplements. They're just the cherry on the cake.

But boy, are those maraschino cherries ever good…

What if:

  • you stepped on the scale next week to see that you'd gained 1.5 pounds instead of your usual 1 pound?
  • you had twice as much energy while working out tomorrow?
  • you were stronger and able to do five more reps than usual on every lift?
  • you could hit your daily calorie goal without having to force-feed yourself?
  • you could cut your chance of getting colds in half?
  • you could feel calmer and more confident by fixing nutrient deficiencies?

Those are the cool bonuses that supplements can bring to the table.

"I don't even know where to begin with supplements."

With the sheer amount of supplements out there it can be often be confusing and even scary if you don't know how to evaluate them.

We need to look at:

  • what the supplement promises to do
  • if the supplement is actually effective at doing what it promises
  • how safe it is and what risks there are
  • the many brands offering the supplement and evaluate them to see if they're trustworthy (some brands stuff their supplements with filler to make it cheaper to produce)
  • if the results the supplement provides is actually worth the money

To further complicate matters, just add in the fact that you're a woman trying to build muscle, not a man—and naturally skinny at that!

But the good news is that it doesn't need to be complicated or scary.

What if you could have not just the information, but the confidence to make better buying decisions when it comes to supplements?

What if you knew how to navigate the 4 main categories of supplements, how they worked, which ones are safe, and which ones you should focus on first?

What if this information was perfectly matched to your body type as a skinny person, and your health, strength, and muscle-building goals?

Bony to Bombshell: Atomic Supplement Guide For Skinny Women

The Atomic Supplement Guide Exclusively For Skinny, Skinny-Fat & Ectomorphic Women

Learn how you can use supplements to get curvier, bigger, healthier, leaner and stronger by choosing the right supplements, while avoiding any risky supplements.


What's Inside:

The complete 70-page how-to supplement guide. In this downloadable PDF guide, we'll teach you everything about supplements—which ones to get, how to use them, their pros and cons, and how to combine them together for even better results.

The 4 most powerful supplements. They'll help you build muscle more quickly and leanly, and they'll make you more powerful in the gym. They're cheap, affordable and healthy, too. (And one of them can speed up your results by as much as 50%!)

10 great situational supplements. You'll learn how to use these supplements to emphasize your personal strengths and goals, and to overcome your individual weaknesses. You'll love some and hate others, depending on what you're trying to do.

AVOID these 9 popular supplements like the plague. The supplement industry is full of snake oil. If we can save you from buying just one bogus supplement, you will have saved more than the price of this guide. Most of these bad supplements are just useless powder, but some will make your results worse, and others are dangerous.

5 real food "supplements." Okay, so we know whole foods aren't supplements, but did you know that a few foods that you can pick at your local grocery store are more powerful than most supplements? We thought you'd want to know about them. (We'll also teach you how to make the best homemade, whole food weight-gainer shake ever.)

The 3 best fat-loss supplements. Whaaat?! We know, we know—we're still all about building muscle and gaining weight, but every once in a while you may want to get a little leaner. Maybe you even want to get a LOT leaner. These supplements will help.

The Bombshell Protein Shake Protocol & homemade weight-gainer shake recipe. We'll teach you how and when to take protein with your workout, and we'll teach you how to make the perfect (and healthiest) homemade weight-gainer shake. You'll know exactly what's in it, save money and get far radder results.

Atomic Supplement Guide For Skinny Women
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