Skinny To Fit Female Body Transformations

Female Muscle Gain Before And Afters

Here are some before and after photos of women going through our Bony to Bombshell Woman's Weight-Gain Program. We asked for permission to share their photos. We're stoked about how they did. They absolutely killed it.

No matter how skinny you are now, you can build muscle. We've done it ourselves, and we've helped thousands of other skinny women do it, too. But keep in mind that everyone has different frames and muscle-building genetics. You won't look exactly like anyone else. Rather, you'll look like a more muscular, curvier, healthier version of yourself.

Stories from Bony to Bombshell Members

Here are some stories submitted by members. Some are testimonials, others have advice about gaining weight, and others are just encouragements from other women about the process of going from skinny to muscular.

Joanna F. Stay at home Mom

Gained 10 lb in 5 months in all the right places

I've always been a very skinny girl, in the last 10 years I became a skinny fat girl, very skinny legs and arms with a little extra fat especially in my mid section.

I started following all the instagram fitness models, I even paid two of them for workout and nutritional plans (very expensive$$$). I was shocked when I received the diet and workout plan: a diet very restrictive and bland, all I could eat was oatmeal, tilapia, egg whites (no yolk ever) and cottage cheese. 5 days a week of workouts that lasted about an hour and a half. I have two young daughters and after a month of being miserable and not seeing any results other than losing weight but keeping the weird fat distribution I asked myself: Is this the example I want to set for my daughters? Eating is a grueling unpleasant task, and Mom has to carry around a tupperware with boiled chicken (for real).

I decided at that point that the fitness lifestyle as it had been sold to me just didn't work for me. I enjoy cooking entertaining and having a "normal" life with my family. I can't possibly workout 5 days a week for 90 minutes and Friday night it's universal pizza night right? so I gave up.

I kept searching the web and found the Bony to Beastly blog, a program intended for men but that made so much sense and appealed to exactly the things that had turned me away from what I thought was the fitness lifestyle, to my surprise they were just launching the women program so I immediately signed in.

First: This program is designed so you can train as effectively as possible. 3 times a week for 45-60 minutes each session. Basic simple exercises and my favorite part: A physiotherapist designed part of exercises targeted to correct your posture and the way you move in your everyday life not just at the gym, my nagging neck pain disappeared completely.

Diet? there is no diet.... This program introduced me to the wonder of flexible eating. I was able to enjoy all the foods I loved, I had a lot of energy to play and run around after my kids and I started seeing results after two weeks, my body got the fuel it had been craving for so long as I was undereating most of my life without knowing it.

In 5 months I gained 10 lbs in all the right places I've never felt better or more energetic and the best part is that I'm setting the example I want my daughters to follow, eat for energy and performance, train for fun. I finished the program a year ago, I haven't gained any additional weight but my body keeps changing little by little as I continue to workout and eat well. To this day I keep training with the bony to bombshell workout templates, and the physiotherapy exercises, I wouldn't do it any other way.

I added a picture of my current physique and I'm very proud of the progress I've made and most important to me is the fact that this program changed the way I thought about fitness, now it's a part of my everyday life like my morning coffee. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I train because I love it, not because I have to. Thank you Bony to Bombshell 🙂

Ellie M. Freelance copywriter

I feel more grounded and balanced

It's been a lot more physically (and mentally) challenging than I thought, which has been super good for me. I've never done 11 reps, let alone for 5 sets. I used to only train my legs once a week, so this was a big step up for me.

I noticed improvements by the end of phase one which really encouraged me. I've previously focused too much on my weight and eating habits, so I didn't want to track my weight meticulously. I'm eating more which is helping me build strength. And I've cut back on carbs.

I'm enjoying it a lot so far, can't wait for phase 2 and 3. I feel more strength in my legs/glutes, I feel more grounded and balanced, and am standing taller which is a huge win for me. I used to overwork my shoulders and look top heavy (and more manly), so it's nice to do the reverse. Even my brother noticed a difference! I'm loving the whole focus on improving my posture, hip to waist ratio and having a more feminine physique (those three things are what sold me on the program instantly). I love the spreadsheet tracker and being able to turn up and not have to think about planning my workouts (which I did previously ugh).

I only wish I'd found this program sooner! I'm loving the ebook too. Such great info and I love the humour. I've cut out sugar for the past few months so unfortunately can't put dark chocolate in my yoghurt (although that sounds epic!). Thanks for putting this program together for us girls! My brother referred me after he started the Bony to Beastly program.

It's hard to get photos that show my actual progress but I've found a couple that show off the work which I'm happy with. I've never had results this quickly from any workout program (and I used to do CrossFit 6 days a week).

So a massive thank you!!! You guys are awesome 🙂

Russel M. Hotelier, 34 years old

Truly from bony to bombshell

Eversince, I'm always skinny. I ate a lot but still I never gained weight. I have 2 kids already but even when I was pregnant I never got fat. When I started working in a hotel in Maldives, I always have this insecurity with me.

The more I got thin especially whenever Im stressed at work. My friends asked me but all I could give is "this is how my body is". I almost lose hope.

But then when I was searching in the internet, I stumbled in your website. I started reading and eventually got interested. But I was saving for something, so I thought that its not worth to pay. Until i finally decided that I wanna try it. So I contacted Jared and asked if I could make it an installment for 2 months. And he agreed. 😍

I started my training, having sore here and there. Its quiet painful at first but I started to love it especially when I see the progress. My appetite improved and I started gaining weight. From 47, I reached 51 now. To think that Im still in Phase 2. More trainings that i always look forward to and I couldnt thank you guys enough for helping me out.

Cecile Engineer, 28 years old

At the end of the program I was weighing 110 lbs (vs 95 when I started)

I was extremely skinny, involved in a lot of cardio activity (big fan of hiking, running, swimming). Eating healthy and in reasonable quantities, but never able to gain weight (and actually prone to lose very easily and very fast when under stress). Also, i had chronic back pains, and always slouched in front of my computer or even as a natural posture.

Long story short, I saw many improvements which became more and more sustainable while I was moving forward in the program.

My posture improved in an amazing way, and my back pain has by now completely disappeared. On a more aesthetic point of view, I gained firm curves in the right places. I am still pretty slender but I look athletic and healthy, not anorexic anymore.

And I gained a lot of self-confidence, starting in the gym, and the spreading in my whole lifestyle. Before I joined I had feared that I was going to shackle myself in another of those demanding programs where you cannot do or eat anything you like, and which drains you from all your energy.

Quite the opposite, now I have much more energy to do all the activities I like, I feel much more relaxed towards food (and have learned a lot on its value), and I just love to exercise (designing my own workouts now!). Just enjoying life, and being proud of who I am and what I look like.

Kevy B. Music teacher/performer

+10 pounds

I’m Kevy, and this is my B2B transformation story! I’m a 29-year old music teacher, single, with no kids (but one dog), so I really had no excuse not to try this out… Sometime between 2012 and 2015, the true first years of my adult life, I started to wonder if there was something wrong with me. I was at my lowest weight since college, and the entire internet was telling me to, “Just eat some protein after your workout.” Oh, and the workouts I was using were riddled with encouraging statements like, “And this move will burn MORE FAT and MORE CALORIES AT THE SAME TIME.”

I knew that wasn’t what I needed, but that’s literally all there was. I don’t remember precisely the day I discovered Bony to Bombshell. I imagine it was a last ditch Google search to see if the internet had anything to help me, before I gave up the fight for good and assumed there was no one else out there like me. I didn’t buy the program right away; I think it wasn’t ready yet, but they were asking for feedback on whether or not enough people would be interested in it. So I signed up for the newsletter and started reading the blog posts, and it was like being at a comic-con for skinny people. Everything they were saying, from appetite issues to body image, felt like it was taken directly from my own life experience.

Even so, I put off buying the program for a long time because, as a musician, I had been trained for so long to lift light and avoid injury. Long story short, I gave in and bought the program in December of 2016. I’d be lying if I said I found it extremely easy, but the best thing about the program is that you could ask any question about literally anything, at any time, and one of the guys or Reetta would get back to you with a ridiculously thorough answer. That pretty much eliminates any possible excuse to give up.

Everything about the program is thorough, I can’t say that enough. If you love reading, there’s a huge e-book full of details that YOU need! If you’re not a big fan of reading, you can ask questions along the way. Because it’s so thorough, I believe that any person can make the program work for them. If one is social, one can comment on other posts and participate more heavily in the online social aspect of the program. If, like me, one wants to stick with the reading and only update one’s progress and ask questions as needed, one can do that with no judgment!

Although I always desired to be physically attractive, I’ve typically resisted the traditional beauty norms pushed at me; particularly make-up and tanning. Finding this program allowed me to get to a place where I feel attractive without compromising my values. I figure; if I’m not going to wear make-up, get a tan, or get a boob-job, I might as well be ripped. My physical fitness is something that benefits me in so many ways beyond the changes in my physical appearance, and so it’s something that I will continue to value even though I’ve now reached a weight that I’m comfortable with. I’d say that that’s what a skinny woman might be missing out on; the opportunity to take charge of her own physical fitness (and health/attractiveness), to learn that lifting weights is NOT just for big muscly guys, and to just explore an athletic side of herself that may otherwise remain dormant.

So what is my comfortable weight? I’m now at 120; I gained an even 10 pounds from the time I started. I now have a good working knowledge of how to warm up for a workout, all the different ways I can hit different muscle groups, and what to eat (and how much) afterwards. I can now shop for pants in the women’s section of the store.

Julia Z. 46 years old

feeling stronger than I've ever felt

A little less than 20 years ago, I was so skinny people told me that once I hit 30 that my metabolism would slow down and I'd gain weight. Once in my 30s when that didn't happen, I went to see a dietitian who told me to just eat whatever I wanted and a lot of it and to consume the Boost and Ensure beverages. Naturally, I gained weight, especially in my middle, and didn't look even look the slightest bit strong.

At 34 I hired a personal trainer who had me doing a lot of cardio and some lifting, but never gave me any specific advice in regards to nutrition. I slimmed down again, but I felt like I was back to square one as I still wasn't feeling healthy and strong.

Well, at 38 and 41 my husband and I had a couple babies and that's kept me active for a while until just three years ago when my youngest grew out of toddlerhood , so there's been no need to be chasing anyone around anymore. In those three years I've let myself go because I didn't know how to start getting fit or how to possibly carve out time for myself.

I do think a lot of women have been getting the wrong information on how to get the healthy body they want. The B2B program has been an education for me. Now, every time I see a TV commercial, magazine ad, or infomercial for some diet, gadget, or pill that'll promote weight loss and tone one's body from head to toe, I just cringe thinking about how many people are getting scammed.

So here I am, seeing results, feeling stronger than I've ever felt, and it's fun and so doable! Thanks to the B2B team.

Yolanda S. I work at a Hair Salon, I am 30 years old

108 to 114 lbs—May to Dec

Before starting B2B I had been on a healthy research kick for a few years. It started when my eldest child was 11(she had horrid eczema). I cut out processed foods for her and for me tried gaining weight many times throughout those years as well as just getting physically fit. I had 2 more children within the past 7 years and though I was only around 108 lbs...I still had a funny flabby belly from my pregnancy. As well as recovering from a umbilical hernia surgery.

I have always been teased for being small. Or just had loads of comments from mainly other women about how skinny I was. "You don't need to work out you look fine." "I wish I had to gain weight to fit my wedding dress." "Wouldn't hurt you to gain 10lbs." "You need an all you can eat buffet." "You're freakishly skinny" "You look like you are 15 years old." the list could go on.

I tried herbal life for a while and eating fatty foods (which only made me bloated, exhausted and feeling horrible), I tried searching the internet for workouts most of which were high rep fat burning exercises. I would either gain weight but in all the wrong place or lose weight incredibly fast. I tried running as well to get fit but that also caused insane weight loss. My metabolism is just so insanely amazing... I can't recall exactly how I happened upon the blog to B2B.

I Just remember a friend talking about his cousin and weighting lifting and her competition and seeing her results. She had the shape and everything I wanted to see for myself. So I typed in weightlifting for women, or weightlifting for curvy body...I am sure it took me time to type in what needed but I found B2B and my life has been totally transformed since that day. I read through the blog non-stop and tested out some of the suggested works they had posted. I did that for 2 weeks and had taken progress photos...I was amazed at my results! Just 2 weeks in and I was seeing my posture change. My aches and pains were fading away. (I always thought it was my mattress but it was my unfit body)

So I signed up within the following week. Since then May 2017...My body and health have changed for the better. Not only that but I changed emotionally and mentally...I never thought this would help me so deeply. The ladies on the forum have also given me much inspiration. I am happy to be able to connect with a community of women who know my struggle. I have 3 kids, I drive everywhere to drop off and pick them up as well as hold down a job. I used to be so sluggish in the mornings and used to have no energy to play with my kids. Now I am up at 5am on my workouts days and I have so much energy and a new perspective on my time management. To stay healthy and happy. I had lost my passion for reading and writing and playing with my kids but NOW have this whole new life style and I can teach my children even more great things for them to be healthy and strong. My confidence is booming now!

This program teaches you so much on how to gain weight and the workout videos are amazing in helping you preform each workout properly. No guessing and no gimics. The ebook is so well detailed and if there is anything you don't understand there are coaches as well as the community to help answer questions and lend their support. I am toned, my arms are stronger then ever, my butt is lifted and my thighs are curvy and luscious. I am happy to fit into a dress and feel sexy and curvy and not look like a stick wrapped in cloth. I have already suggested this program to a good handful of friends. This is where it's at if you finally want to put weight on and keep it on and look like a sexy beast.

Melissa B. Marketing/Yoga Teacher/Life Coach - Age 27

Gained 8 pounds in 3 months

Bony to Bombshell is a game changer when it comes to women strength and weight gaining! I have struggled with gaining weight for the past 10+ years due to some personal struggles I have dealt with. When I finally got to a place where I was healthy enough to go back to the gym, I decided that I needed a structured plan to help me achieve my desired fitness goals.

In a desperate attempt to turn my health around, I started researching "weight gain" programs for women...that is when I found Bony to Bombshell. I was somewhat nervous to join this program, because although I wanted to gain weight and muscle, I doubted myself and my ability to make progress and gains.

When I reached out to the B2B team with my questions and concerns, the guys were so kind and honest, and made me feel confident in my ability to see results if I stayed committed! So I signed up... I saw results after one week! (and continue to see progress every day) I love everything about this program.The fact that there is a structured plan, with realistic exercises accompanied by an AMAZING support community makes the whole experience wonderful. I also really like the fact that although this program is intense, the schedule and time expected to be at the gym/workout fits very busy lifestyles like mine!

I am thankful that I took a leap of faith and gave b2b a try! Not only am I LOVING how I look and feel, but the fact that my friends and family have noticed my transformation reassures me that my hard work has paid off. (I even had a personal trainer at the gym comment on me being in "Beast Mode" while I was lifting last week HA!) I still have three more weeks left in the program and am excited to see my final results!

Sam H Billing Clerk

I’ve gained 11.8 lbs in total so far

It’s not easy. It takes self discipline and determination to get up off the couch and work on yourself. But wow what a feeling when you do. My biggest fear joining this program was fear of failure. I’ve tried in the past to work towards a healthier me but I always ended up not following through. However, this time was a game changer.

I knew something had to change & there was only one way to do that, work on myself for myself. So everyday other day, I show up for myself and it’s the best feeling when I’m finished. Even if I had a crappy day, I get to come home & work towards something I’m happy with.

The best thing about the program in my opinion is how they pay out every aspect you can think of. They help you with learning how to lift weights, give you schedules to go by, food suggestions. It can be really scary when starting this journey but this program takes you step by step on how to succeed. I would definitely recommend this program, I already have to a couple ladies in my same position. If you want to be confident and love your body again, join this program. It truly works for you if you work for it.

Valerie W. 31 year old stay at home mom

More energy and strength for every day tasks

My husband found Bony to Beastly, and I tried doing the workouts with him. I liked their approach to weight-lifting (compound lifts, not too much time at the gym) and the fact that they encouraged aiming toward progress and not perfection.

We then discovered the women's program Bony to Bombshell. I liked that it was geared toward the female physique, and once I got started, I realized that the workouts were easier than what I had done with my husband because the lifts focused on the areas in which I was strongest (glutes, thighs, hips).

I started the program because I wanted to get lean and toned. I was still carrying baby weight from my second child at 20 months post-partum, so my goal was not to gain weight but to lose fat and gain muscle. I'm currently starting phase 3; ten weeks into this program I have only lost 2 pounds, but I've made significant strength gains, and I feel much more energetic.

Katie L. Working in Boston, 29 years old

No specific measurements to define the success I had, but man do I look better!

I'm not one you would call "athletic." I had a hard time sticking to new workouts/ routines that I would start because of 1) lack of interest, 2) lack of self-motivation, and 3) lack of knowing what the ef to do.

This plan really helped get me going on a new lifestyle that I have stuck to for longer than I've stuck to anything fitness related (1+ year!). It was really helpful to have a tracking sheet to help keep me accountable, keep me progressing, and keep me reaching for the next goal. It truly has helped set me up for a new lifestyle which has become pretty automatic at this point (I get off the train and I just head to the gym-- I don't even really think about it anymore!).

Nothing else has really done that for me, and I'm so grateful for such a guided program to help me (without all of the awkward having-to-talk-to-a-trainer-for-an-hour-four-times-a-week crap).

Addie E. Educational Assistant in a Special Ed classroom, Age 26

I felt hesitant about joining an online program, but what other program is out there to help women gain weight?

Past: As a little girl I was awkward and gangly. As a preteen I was thin and looked like a 2x4. As a teenager I tried to drink Ensure type shakes to put on a few pounds in hope of looking my age. Once I was a senior and in early years of college, I finally put on some weight and got boobs. I felt like I finally had some curves. However, stress hit and hormones probably leveled out and I lost all the weight. On and off I would work on myself with nutrition and working out. It balanced from trying to eat too much (which was mostly unhealthy foods just to get calories) to eating healthy (which wasn’t enough calories). I would go through very short spurts of trying out programs like yoga and Pilates for a month at a time (maybe that long) but never stuck with it because I didn’t care to stick with something. Plus cardio is never what I needed. I knew I needed to squat with heavy weight in order to build up a nice booty but didn’t know where to begin. I was floating through Pinterest looking for ways to gain weight when ‘Bony to Bombshell’ popped up. I pinned it and thought "that looks great" but didn’t look into it really for a couple more months.

Now: The time came that I felt like I finally had to do something about my weight and to grow my muscles. To also help strengthen muscles in my glutes and back to alleviate pain. I wanted to look healthy, feel better, look like a bombshell, and sometime soon be able to carry a baby without falling apart.

I went on the ‘Bony to Bombshell’ website and read almost everything they had to offer. It seemed surreal that it was legitimate because it was so perfect. They said everything I had ever thought and everything I felt. It was everything I wanted and I couldn’t believe it would be promised to me if I put the work in. To hear that if I do these workouts and eat right that my body could mold into what I always dreamed of seemed impossible.

I felt hesitant about joining an online program, but what other program is out there to help women gain weight? I loved the fact that these guys made this program because they had the same problem of gaining weight and they got it. They back everything with research and are very educated. They really put the work in for this lifestyle! I felt confident in what I was getting into. Lastly, what did I have to lose? I only had (hopefully) a lot to gain (literally). I felt very insecure starting the program since it is all weight lifting and I have no experience in this at all; I was very nervous to go to the gym looking like a lost doe. But I loved the videos they provide on how to start lifting and they progress it slow and well. I have gained so much confidence in the past 10 weeks. I also love that you can post and ask questions for ways to do things and you get really detailed and smart responses.

Lastly, the community of people that you can communicate with is great. I have found things on diet, recipes, and other health relations. I have zero regrets with this change. This is the first time ever that I have stuck with a workout routine and saw progress and gains (except dancing my senior year of high school). I feel good with myself for sticking to a diet, even though I still need improvement. I see muscles and changes. They are slower than I'd like but that’s just my body and I know it’ll get better when I can lift heavier. I feel excited about the new changes I can make and watching the progress that happens! I wish I had known sooner and been able to pull the trigger faster.

If I have any advice to the skinny girl that hopes for change, it is that you need to have the determination now to do this or you’ll look back with the thought of wishing you did it sooner. I’m just glad I found this!