Bony to Bombshell Program

The Bony to Bombshell bulking program for skinny women

We'll teach you how to gain 10 pounds in the next 20 weeks, even if you have the metabolism (and stomach size) of a hummingbird.

Our workouts and tutorial videos are made by Marco Walker-Ng, BHSc, PTS, PN, a certified strength coach with a degree in Health Sciences. He's helped college, professional, and Olympic athletes bulk up, as well as over 3,250 naturally skinny women. He's naturally thin himself and has gained 70 pounds at 10% body fat. He also helped me, Shane, gain 55 pounds at 11% body fat in a little over 2 years.

Keep in mind that everyone is different. Our personal and client transformations are just examples. Your body has its own frame. We're here to help you fill it out, making the most of your own strengths and weaknesses. That's why the program comes with coaching, customization, and feedback in the online coaching community.

We stand behind our program with a full money-back guarantee. We've been doing this for twelve years. We'll make sure you succeed. You have our word.

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Before and after photo of a woman gaining weight (and squatting)

Gain 10–15 pounds of solid muscle

We'll help you build muscle from head to foot by getting stronger at the big compound movements.


Stand taller, straighter, and stronger.

We'll help you improve your posture, allowing you to stand in a stronger and more confident position.

Before and after photo of a woman's muscle-building results.

Become Bigger. Yes, Bigger.

The world needs more of you, not less. We'll help you build a stronger, healthier, and bigger physique.

“I gained 8 pounds in 3 months. I saw results after one week! I'm thankful that I took a leap of faith and gave b2Bomb a try!”

Melissa B., Yoga Teacher, 27 years old

Here's what you need to do the program

All of the amazing transformations you see around the site are from this Bony to Bombshell Program. It's a workout and diet plan that covers absolutely everything you need to build muscle as fast, safely, and aesthetically as possible. We’re here to help you through the entire bulking process.

But to get the results we promise, you need to be willing to:

  • Get access to weights: A gym membership is perfect, so is a barbell home gym, and so are a simple pair of heavy adjustable dumbbells. It's okay if you start with your bodyweight, but soon you'll need something to lift, and free weights have proven themselves to be best for building muscle (largely due to their great resistance curves).
  • Lift those weights 3x per week: If you want to gain a full 10 pounds in 20 weeks, we recommend doing three full-body workouts per week, each lasting about an hour. We’ll give you the exact workout routine to follow, we'll teach you how to do all of the lifts, and if you record yourself, Marco can even critique your technique. The program includes online coaching, and we're here to help. But you still need to show up and lift. And when you show up to lift, you need to challenge yourself. Every workout, you need to strive to add more weight or eke out more reps.
  • Eat enough calories to gain weight: We're hardgainers, ectomorphs, skinny people. For people like us, eating enough food to gain weight can be hard, and you probably know that already. We'll teach what to eat, how to hack your appetite, and we'll even give you a recipe book full of the very best bulking recipes. And our approach is flexible. You can do this as a vegetarian, while eating in a cafeteria, while eating meals with your family, or on a strict budget. But it's still up to you to get your calories in each day. It takes around 250 extra calories per day to gain half a pound on the scale every week. Without those calories, you will not gain weight.

If you can commit to these three things, we can fully guarantee your results. Building muscle takes work, and so we want you to know that if you do the work, you will succeed. We promise. And we stand behind that promise with our full 90-day refund policy. If you're unhappy with the program for any reason, we'll issue a full refund. No hassle, no conditions, no fine print.

Illustration of a pensive woman.
Why is it so hard to gain weight!?

Despite what our overweight friends tell us, truth is, it's actually pretty hard for us to gain weight! We're naturally skinny ourselves, and we have a dozen failed weight-gain attempts between us, ranging from hiring personal trainers to buying online bulking programs. No matter how much exercise we did, no matter how much food we force-fed ourselves, we still couldn't gain weight.

We thought we were doomed to stay skinny forever, and we were going through our lives with all of these failures looming over us, everyone constantly reminding us by telling us to "just eat a burger," saying "I wish I had that 'problem.'" Our "problem." In quotation marks. Gah.

We felt like we were trapped in the bodies of little kids. Like puberty skipped us.

The good news is that our genetics are perfectly fine. We've just got a rarer body type. Some people call us ectomorphs, others call us hardgainers, but we normally just call ourselves "naturally thin." Not that we're stuck that way, just that if we neglect ourselves, that's the default we revert to.

There are a few reasons why we're naturally thinner:

  • We have higher metabolisms, often because we move more, fidget more, and adopt less efficient postures (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). Having a thinner body also means that we lose our body heat more easily, burning even more calories (Allen's rule).
  • We have smaller stomachs, and it's easy to see why—our torsos are thinner! Plus, we haven't stretched our stomachs out from years of overeating. In fact, our stomachs can be up to six times smaller than other people's.
  • We have great insulin sensitivity, meaning that when we eat an appropriate amount of food, we get full. This is super healthy, of course, but it makes overeating difficult.

Now, lest this turn into a sob story, we'd argue that we've got the best body type. None of these traits are bad. In fact, most of them are good! It's just unusual to have trouble gaining weight.

What's neat about being teamed up with other naturally skinny people is that we can gripe about our woes and have people actually understand what we're talking about. Yeah, I felt too full to have the delicious banana bread that my wife made me last night. That's why I didn't eat gain any weight yesterday. Sounds weird to most people, but you probably know what I mean. We get anti-cravings.

Illustration of a woman flexing her biceps.

Now, not everything changes. If we want to be strong, healthy, and look great, we still need to get most of our calories from whole foods, we still need to lift weights, we should still do some cardio, we still need plenty of good sleep. The fundamentals are still the same.

But we do need to flip some fitness advice on its head.

  • We need to eat a good diet that helps us gain weight. We shouldn't be focusing on low-calorie foods like salads and broccoli, we should be focusing on hearty foods like trail mix and chocolate nut-butter smoothies—foods that make it easier to gain weight. That way we can gain weight even with the skinniest of stomachs, even with the most meagre of appetites, and even with the wildest of metabolisms.
  • We need a workout routine that helps us gain size and strength. We need to focus on getting strong at the big compound lifts, adding weight to the bar every week. But not necessarily "strength training," which is often rooted in powerlifting. We're not trying to squat, bench, and deadlift as much as possible for a single rep, we're trying to get bigger, stronger, healthier, and better looking.
  • We need to live a healthy lifestyle. And for us, a healthy lifestyle means choosing foods that are rich in calories, saying yes to dessert more often, remembering to eat when stressed, and making sure that we keep our muscles, bones, and tendons strong.

And, of course, all of this needs to be efficient because, realistically, some of us are doing this while juggling three children, working full time, and getting a degree.

Your results won't be mysterious. There's no hope involved. No guesswork. Just step on the scale once per week to see exactly how much weight you're gaining. Watch your measurements grow every month. Plus, the cool thing about gaining weight is that it's easy to see, and it looks awesome: 

It's also fun to feel our clothes growing snug like they're giving us an encouraging hug. Maybe it's a little less fun when our pants split open in public, which, er, has happened to most of us (male and female). But, well, it usually winds up being worth it.

You'll see steady results every week. And if you don't, we'll fix it. Fast. The only way to guarantee that you gain ten pounds in the next ten weeks is to make sure that you're gaining a steady pound every week. That means that we'll know after the first week exactly how things are going, exactly what we need to adjust.

There's no hoping and praying week after week. We just follow the plan, measure the outcome, adjust accordingly. That's how we can absolutely guarantee your results.

Illustration of a skinny woman gaining weight.

That's not to say it will be easy. You'll need to do your three workouts every week. You'll need to adjust what you're eating. You'll need to make sure that you're sleeping enough. And even if you want to get supplements, they'll barely do anything. It all boils down to exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

And did we mention that you'll feel full sometimes? We'll give you every single trick in the book to help you eat more calories more easily, but gaining weight always means fighting against at least a little bit of fullness. It's best to be prepared for that ahead of time.

But if you put in the work, you'll get the results we promise. That's our guarantee.

What's Included in the Bony to Bombshell Program

Version 2.5, Refined Over 9 Years

The complete female ectomorph bulking system.
No fads or angles, tricks or pills. Just raw, rugged science.

Bony to Bombshell: The eBook

How To Gain Muscle Mass—For Skinny Women

This 225-page eBook covers the fundamentals of building a strong, sexy, and feminine physique with weights and nutrition.

And it's a bulking program for female ectomorphs, so it's designed to help you leap over ecto-hurdles like:

  • A small stomach capacity
  • A meagre appetite
  • A fast metabolism
  • Lanky arms
  • Flat butt
  • Crumbling posture
  • Skinny-fatness

We know you don’t have a bottomless, eager stomach. We’ll teach you all about appetite, energy density, digestion, and how to eat a proper ectomorph bulking diet for women.

Take advantage of your body type. We’ll teach you how to leverage your genetic advantages. For example, ectomorphs tend to have higher insulin sensitivity and metabolisms, allowing us to build muscle and stay leaner compared to other body types.

Overcome setbacks. Many skinny women have poor posture, nagging aches, and digestion issues. We’ll help you work around any problems you have. And in the process, you'll strengthen your digestive system and increase your bone density, tendon strength, joint health, stabilizer muscle strength, posture, and general health.

Bony to Bombshell: Workout Guide

The Bony to Bombshell Workout Routine & Guide

We know you're in a hurry to curve up. This isn’t one of those programs where the results are so slow, you wonder if it's working. No, we go after muscle gain mercilessly.

To do this, we take the best that bodybuilding, strength training, callisthenics and athletics training have to offer. All of it designed to help naturally skinny female ectomorphs & hardgainers gain weight as quickly as possible.

Ideal (sexy) aesthetics. One of the reasons our clients have such impressive transformations isn't because they gain a lot of weight, it's because they gain a lot of weight in the right places.

Building a physique with a healthy amount of muscle and bodyfat levels with will be the biggest visual impact on your physique, but you also could build a bigger butt while keeping your waist toned (waist-to-hip ratio). This will give you a sexy hourglass physique that naturally holds your body with great posture. (One Bombshell member called it the Coke bottle curves.)

Research shows that developing your waist-to-hip ratio will get your body rated as the most attractive by men. (It also looks the raddest to other women, too.)

No more flat butt. If you have a naturally narrow structure, your hips may not be that wide and you might have a flat button. A squat movement is one of the best movements you can do, but there are ways to maximize butt size by doing some extra glute work.

Our workouts take into account all of the bulking research published up until 2020. Our only bias is towards helping you build muscle, and we're totally obsessed with bulking research.

Marco graduated with a degree in health sciences. Since then he's been flying around the world going to conferences, interning under strength & conditioning legends, getting new certifications, and training clients ranging from everyday skinny guys, to professional and Olympic athletes, to doctors and dieticians.

Marco uses his education and experience combined with the best available scientific evidence to meticulously optimize exercise selection, rep ranges, weekly lifting volume, tempo—everything. Even the rest times between exercises are geared towards giving you an impressive physique.

All of this is clearly organized workout by workout, phase by phase. No guesswork involved. Record your results, track your strength improvements, and collect your muscle gains.

Bony to Bombshell: Recipes

The "Easy-Curves Recipes" eBook

Eating for muscle growth doesn't need to be complicated. You need to eat enough calories to gain weight, and you need to eat enough protein to build muscle. Simple, right? Kind of. There's quite a bit we can do to make it even simpler. We'll show you how to cook a week's worth of dinner in one pot by making hardgainer stews and chilis. We'll show you how to make two weeks worth of homemade protein bars that you can bring on the go with you. And how to blend up a perfect smoothie for breakfast in two minutes flat. We've even got muscle-building desserts.

Diving deeper into the details, there's quite a bit of research showing that eating the right proportion of carbs and fat—getting your macros right—can result in faster, leaner muscle growth. That can get a bit more complicated, but we've done that work for you. We'll give you recipes that already have the right ratios of protein, carbs, and fat, with their calorie and macro contents calculated for you.

Remember, we're naturally skinny ourselves. Even once we figured out what to eat, we had trouble fitting it into our too-small stomachs. Later, we realized that a lot of the health-conscious meals we were eating were weight-loss meals masquerading as muscle-building meals. So we made a Gain-Easy Recipe book. All of these meals are designed to be easy on your appetite and easy to digest.

We should also point out that we're, you know, regular people. We have a families and kids and social lives. These are delicious recipes that are healthy, easy to prepare, and easy to share. And our approach to nutrition is flexible. These recipes are here to help, but you're free to eat anything else that you want.

Oh, and did we mention that you can do this entire program from a cafeteria? Some of our best transformations have been from girls in college. We can make do with almost anything. But if you want to cook your own food, we can make that way easier.

Exercise Tutorial Video Course

There's a lot of fuss over doing lifts correctly. You know the rhetoric: "STOP Doing This Exercise NOW! DANGER!" That's just fearmongering clickbait. People rarely get injured by lifting weights, those injuries tend to be minor, and chronic injuries often warn us long before they strike. As long as you aren't grinding through joint pain workout after workout, you'll be okay. The most common injury is dropping weight plates on toes. Nothing to be scared about.

Some people lift weights recklessly. Jerking weights around isn't the right way to do it. But it's just as bad to approach exercise with the mindset that we're fragile. We aren't. Our bodies are adaptive and strong. When we stress ourselves in the gym, it doesn't just build muscle, it also strengthens our bones, tendons, and connective tissues. Even if you're skinny and sedentary, your body is capable of incredible adaptations.

Still, there are different ways to do each lift. Some people lift for fitness, injury rehab, sports performance, gaining maximal strength without any concern for size (as is popular with powerlifters), or gaining muscle size without any concern for strength (as is popular with bodybuilders).

We like to train for hypertrophy—for muscle size and strength. And we like to do it in a way that's healthy, safe, and adds curves in all the right places. Marco's background is in coaching elite athletes. Oftentimes the best way to help an athlete is to make them bigger and stronger. That's what he does best.

We also take pride in doing things correctly. And the better you get at lifting weights, the easier it becomes to grow bigger, stronger, tougher, and better looking. So we have tutorial videos teaching every single exercise in the program, in detail, so that you can do them properly and build muscle faster. Besides, if you're going to do something, best to do it correctly.

Bony to Bombshell: Coaching Community

A Year of Coaching in the Community

Bony to Bombshell includes membership in our online coaching community. That's where all the before/after photos you’ve seen on this site come from. We're all ectomorphs and we're all here to build muscle, but that doesn't mean we're all identical. We're here to help you adjust the program to suit your body, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Some women may already have broad shoulders and mainly want to work on their waist-to-hip ratio. Other women may be more pear-shaped and while they want a bigger butt, may want to work on their shoulders a bit for a more hourglass physique.

Plus, nothing ruins a bulk like running into a problem and not having a clear solution. Why didn't you gain weight this week? Why is your stomach bloated? Why does your lower back feel sore? Why isn't your glute bridge strength going up? And what if you're becoming skinny fat?! We're here to coach you through all of it.

We'll teach you how to track your progress so that we can see exactly what is and isn't growing. We'll give you feedback on that progress, too, to keep you on track. Plus, it’s motivating for everyone else in the community when someone finishes a 5-week phase and posts a new round of progress photos (typically having gained 2–4 pounds).

The forum is also a great place to discuss the latest muscle-building trends, techniques, ideas, and supplements. Curious about keto? Intermittent fasting? Calorie cycling? Curcumin? The benefit of a certain lift over another one? Ask away!

Does any of this stuff replace the fundamentals? Nope. But we still love learning and talking about it, and sometimes there's a real (although typically small) advantage to some of these methods. We love this stuff. Ask us anything. We want to help.

Most of all, we take your success with this program seriously. We leave no bony behind. We're all in this together. We couldn't have done this without help, and we want to make sure you get the help you need, too.

This is why we can guarantee your results.

The Bony to Bombshell Atomic Supplement Guide For Skinny Women

Free Gift: Atomic Supplement Guide For Skinny, Skinny-Fat, and Ectomorphic Women

The complete 70-page how-to supplement guide. In this downloadable PDF guide, we'll teach you everything about supplements—which ones to get, how to use them, their pros and cons, and how to combine them together for even better results.


Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We have a full 100% money-back guarantee. No fine print, no hassle. Come into the program as skeptical as you like. Try it out, see if you like it. If you don't, shoot us an email within 90 days and we'll refund every penny.

Join over 3,345+ naturally skinny women who are using Bony to Bombshell to gain lean weight fast


Aomi gained 11 pounds in 3 months, adding 3 inches to her hips. By the end of the program she was glute-bridging 300 pounds.

best program for improving posture (for women)

Cecile gained 13 pounds, adding 2.5" to her hips, 3" to her shoulders, and 3" to her thighs, finishing with a 315lbs glute-bridge.


Joanna gained 10 pounds, adding 1.5 inches to her hips while simultaneously shrinking her waist down by 1 inch.

The Team Behind Bony to Bombshell


We're the three skinny guys behind Bony to Bombshell. We had doctors tell us we were dangerously underweight, we had parents worried we were too skinny, and we had strangers telling us we should "eat a burger." So we decided to make a change.

Marco (left) has gained 65 pounds, Shane (middle) has gained 55 pounds, and Jared (right) has gained 45 pounds.

First, we made The Bony to Beastly Program and helped over 10,000 skinny guys bulk up. Thing was, a lot of our readers were women, and they were asking us to make a women's weight gain program. They told us there were even fewer resources out there for women. And they had a point.

That's why we built Bony to Bombshell, and so far we've helped over 3,345+ women accomplish their weight gain goals.

What about credentials? Marco programs all of the workouts and teaches all of the exercises.

  • He's a Certified Personal Trainer with a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa (BHSc).
  • He made a living helping professional and Olympic athletes build muscle to improve their sports performance, including members of the Canadian Women's Sevens (Olympic rugby players). 
  • He continues to learn through his certifications such as Postural Respiration (PRI), Myokinematic Restoration (PRI), Pelvis Restoration (PRI), Olympic Lifting with John Broz, and Precision Nutrition L1.


Feeling stronger than I've ever felt

The B2B program has been an education for me. Now, every time I see a TV commercial, magazine ad, or infomercial for some diet, gadget, or pill that'll promote weight loss and tone one's body from head to toe, I just cringe thinking about how many people are getting scammed.

So here I am, seeing results, feeling stronger than I've ever felt, and it's fun and so doable!

Julia Z.
46 years old

Making it easier to stick to

This plan really helped get me going on a new lifestyle that I have stuck to for longer than I've stuck to anything fitness related (1+ year!).

It truly has helped set me up for a new lifestyle which has become pretty automatic at this point.

Katie L.
29 years old

An Example For My Daughters

In 5 months I gained 10 lbs in all the right places I've never felt better or more energetic and the best part is that I'm setting the example I want my daughters to follow, eat for energy and performance, train for fun.

Joanna F.
Stay-at-home Mom

How to Fix Bad Posture Illustration—Bony to Bombshell Program

We live in our bodies. It's nice to have a nice one.

If this were just some sort of makeup transformation, I'd feel hesitant to push it this hard, but this is your health and physique we're talking aboutThis is what's going to keep you looking and feeling young as you age. This is how you feel powerful in your body. This is how you build a strong heart, strong bones, strong tendons, and strong curves.

And speaking of which, having bigger legs is associated with better brain health. And having strong hips is the number one way to prevent lower back pain. These are amazing, deep improvements. This is how you transform from the inside out.

We personally know the cost of ignoring our bodies

At 23, Jared required prescription painkillers for his tendonosis and was having trouble sitting at his desk for more than a couple hours at a time. By the time Marco finished university, his posture had collapsed, leaving him with low energy levels and nagging pains. And Shane was not only considered too fragile to spar with the other guys in his martial arts classes, he was also at high risk of having a heart attack due to his low bodyweight and poor lifestyle.

Taking care of your body is important. We learned that the hard way. Whether or not you choose to follow this program, you have to get this issue handled somehow. You need strong bones, strong muscles, and a strong posture.

With an exercise and diet routine that suits your body type and your goals, we know that you can become your best self. That's why we made this program. That's why we want to help you. That's why we promise you that we'll help you.

These members had this to say:

Hesitant to confident

I felt hesitant about joining an online program, but what other program is out there to help women gain weight?

They back everything with research and are very educated. They really put the work in for this lifestyle! I felt confident in what I was getting into.

I wish I had known sooner and been able to pull the trigger faster.

Addie E.
Educational Assistant

No more back pain!

My posture improved in an amazing way, and my back pain has by now completely disappeared.

On a more aesthetic point of view, I gained firm curves in the right places. I am still pretty slender but I look athletic and healthy, not anorexic anymore.

Gained 13 pounds, Age: 28

Works—even from home

My biggest concern with purchasing the program was that I wouldn't see results, as I hadn't seen results from other workout programs. But I was wrong about that.

I have also done this program solely at home. It has required that I invest in some equipment but having the convenience of working out at home has made this program work for me.

I would definitely recommend the program if your goal is to gain weight/muscle and get stronger.

Celine H.
Policy Analyst, gained 11 pounds

Bony to Bombshell Program

The Bony to Bombshell Program, Version 2.5

225-page Bony to Bombshell Guide (eBook). We'll teach you the 3 muscle-growth formulas for naturally skinny women so that you can overcome your genetics once and for all. You can use this system to start getting results immediately.

The Easy-Curves Recipe eBook. 19 of the best recipes for bulking. Designed to get you ideal results while being easy on your appetite, easy to prepare, prepared in bulk, portable, affordable, and delicious.

5 months of expertly-programmed workouts.A ruggedly scientific approach for women to lift weights. Exercise selection, volume, rep ranges, intensity—everything 100% optimized for rapid, aesthetic (sexy) muscle growth… all simply laid out and easy to follow.

Weightlifting video course.Marco will teach you every single lift in the program, starting with easy lifts and progressing to advanced ones. Even if you're new to this, you'll be great by the end.

Yearlong (renewable) membership in the coaching community. Get feedback and coaching from us, track your progress, celebrate your victories, and be surrounded by gals on the same journey that you're on. We leave no bony behind.

Tons of free bonuses in the community.Skinny-fat? Want to improve your cardio while bulking? Fix your posture? Bonus guides in the community for all of it.

Free gift: 70-page Atomic Supplement Guide for Skinny, Skinny-Fat, and Ectomorphic Women. Learn about the four most powerful supplements, nine supplements to avoid, five whole food "supplements," our home-made weight gainer shake recipe, and much more.

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Can I do this program at home?

For sure. In fact, most of our members are working out from home. If you already have equipment, great. If you don't have any equipment yet, we've included a how-to guide to help you choose the best equipment (most efficient, highest quality, cheapest price, etc).

Will the program still work for me even if I'm skinny-fat?

Absolutely. If there's "skinny" anywhere in your self description, then this program was designed for you. However, we'll want to make a few adjustments to the program to guarantee you the best results. So we've included a skinny-fat guide in the community with everything you need to know.